Skype To Upgrade Its Touch App Users To Windows Desktop App Next Month

Posted on by Gembonics Production

Skype says this morning that it will next month discontinue its Windows “modern” application and instead make the Windows desktop application the main Skype app for Windows users. In case you’re not familiar with the lingo, “modern”- or as they were previously known, “metro” – style apps were touch-friendly apps introduced with Windows 8. They’re also the only apps that run on Windows RT devices, so the transition over to the Windows desktop version of Skype will not affect that subset of Windows users.

However, other PC customers using the modern app will be updated starting on July 7th to the Windows desktop application, says Skype.

The company introduced a modern version of Skype built for Windows 8 several years ago, right around the time that the “metro design” user interface was being rebranded as “modern design,” following a trademark dispute with a German retailer. In fact, Skype’s introductory blog post was one of the first places that the company referred to the app’s design by its new name – “modern design.”