5 Fashion Tips to Dress up well in Winter [ Gembonics Winter Style Guide ]

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As the winter season approaches and the cold increases so do our desire for hot beverages, warm dishes and warm clothes. Dressing for the climate is very important for those who live in places where the climate changes drastically and it gets very cold. Comfort and style both are important to men and they play a vital role in how men feel. This means dressing up in warm clothes while looking good.

Winters is easily the best season to dress up as it provides men with so many options to add on to their outfits. Adding more clothes means more opportunities to dress up looking great. Following are 5 Tips to Dress up in Winter for men looking to keep warm while looking great.


1.Dress in Layers

Winters present men the opportunity to put on multiple clothes and add layers. This is most likely the most important factor when dressing for winters. Depending on how cold the weather is in your region, you will want to add a number of layers. There are generally three layers for extreme temperatures.

The base layer is meant to provide the first layer of protection from the cold and lies against your skin. Garments made from wool or synthetic fibres commonly make up the base layer of clothing for men. Similarly, socks provide the base layer for the feet and if the weather is very cold, fingerless gloves can be used to provide warmth to the hands.

The second layer is considered to be the insulating layer which is meant to trap body heat. Wool has excellent insulating capabilities hence wool sweaters are a good choice. Men’s Inner fleece jackets are also good at trapping heat. Similarly, wool and fleece pants can provide the same insulating properties for the legs.

The third layer of winter clothing is the outer layer that keeps the inner layers safe from the harsh external cold weather, wind and moisture. It can be any Leather jacket or hoodie for the upper body and a pair of jeans or cargo pants for the legs. This outer layer is also the one that is clearly visible and we want to make sure it blends in nicely with the other layers and looks good.

2.Undergarments for the cold

To ensure that you are going to keep warm the right undergarments are necessary. They provide the base layer for insulation. Thick vests or slim fit sweatshirts can serve this purpose. Long johns are good to keep the lower body warm especially for very cold temperatures and sock offer protection from the cold to the feet.


3.Sweaters look great

Sweaters are useful to add a nice layer to our outfits and keep us warm. Cashmere wool is a very popular type of wool as it is very warm and soft to the touch. Cashmere sweaters look really good and are suitable to be worn for events and special occasions. There are many different designs available in sweaters and to look good in one you have to make sure that whatever the design may be, it should complement your other layers.

4.Use Overcoats, Trench coats and Jackets

Jackets, overcoats and trench coats all offer good protection against the cold and look stylish. Overcoats are generally meant to be worn outside and offer the most protection from cold temperatures out of the three as they are heavy and sturdy.

Jackets come in different materials and designs and can be worn in regions where it is not extremely cold and still keep warm. Trench coats are much like overcoats but are lighter and are best suited when a light layer is required to stay warm. With the right selection, one can keep warm and look fashionable in any one of these three choices.

5.Accessorize Yourself

There are a number of winter accessories for men that serve the dual purpose of keeping warm and maintaining style. Hats can keep the head warm and look good. Beanies can be very effective against cold weathers and if matched with the coat or jacket gives a nice look.

Scarves are a great winter accessory and provide a unique and creative way to upgrade our winter style. They give us a sophisticated look and portray a relaxed demeanour.

Gloves for men are stylish accessories that can enhance the style and keep warm. When selecting gloves it is important to get ones that complement the entire outfit. They should not stand out too much. Their colour can match shoes or coat.



There are a lot of dressing options in winters because there are more opportunities to add clothes to keep warm. It is important to keep in mind that harmony of the entire outfit is the key and layers should be added accordingly. Adding too much bulk to the outfit can be avoided by carefully selecting the right clothes. If you want to keep warm and look stylish, it is important to keep the inner layers functional to stay warm while the outermost layer can be kept fashionable.