Ultimate Guide to men's Wrist watches ( Watch Movements & Types Explained )

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A Bit About Men’s Wrist Watches

It is rumoured that the first wristwatches were created in the era of 1810. However, Patek Philippe a very famous brand in this regard privilege themselves with the makings of the world's first wristwatch in 1868. Either case we can say that the emergence can be traced to the beginning of the 20th century.

If you're preparation about buying a wristwatch, or if you're already a fan but don't know much about, men's wristwatches then you have come to right place for guidance. You'll learn about the different styles you can expect in men's wrist watches. As well as the different styles you can get for sporty looks. But first, we need to know about the different types of movements in men’s wrist watches.

Mechanical Movement

A mechanical wristwatch has a movement that's driven by a mainspring which is coiled by hand. Once the mainspring is coiled, it slowly unwinds and this unwinding causes the second's hand to move in a smooth, continuous motion around the watch's dial. A typical mainspring is about a few inches in length. The length of the mainspring effects a mechanical watch's energy back up. The longer the mainspring, the longer the watch can go between windings but there is a limit to that obviously. Men's wrist watches are when mechanically made the attention to detail and craftsmanship will ensure the smoothness and accuracy.

A mechanical wristwatch and Swiss watches are particularly well known for their superior craftsmanship. Brands like Rolex, Raymond Weil, Carl F. Bucherer, Tudor, and Tissot are one of the topmost in men’s wrist watches all over the world.


Automatic Movement

Automatic Movement is just another term for the self-winding watch, which means the watch can wind itself using a weight inside the watch that oscillates to put tension on the mainspring through the random motion of the person wearing the watch. Batteries not needed of course for this. As the person walks, with his arm’s movement back and forth, this weight moves back and forth inside the watch.

The spring in the watch stores enough energy to keep the watch going for about a day and a half and if the watch is left inside a drawer it will stop working and you will need to wear it again after setting up the date and time.


Quartz Movement

Men’s wrist watches these days are in the market are mostly based on quartz movements due to the fact that Quartz watches are very accurate and more affordable.

While the mechanical and automatic men’s wrist watches are powered by a winding mainspring, a quartz watch uses a small battery cell inside the watch. The battery cell sends the electric current through a small quartz crystal, which causes the crystal to vibrate. These vibrations are then measured by a circuit of the watch and convert them to a movement. This movement is the mechanism which moves the hands on the watch.

All of this is very precise in accuracy terms but it lacks the handmade craftsmanship, the elegance of a mechanical or automatic movement watch, the quality and artistry. It’s also the reason why quartz watches are cheaper compared to the other two mentioned above.

Watches for every occasion

Men’s wrist watches are considered as a part of overall fashion outlook of a person. Mostly they are being worn as a fashion accessory and in the era of the expensive smartwatches, they have evolved into more of a status symbol. They can be worn every day for any occasion. There are watches for formal occasions, for the office, for sports, running and the gym. Selecting the right fit for every occasion is what elevates a man’s style.

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There is no denying the fact that men’s wrist watches are men’s jewelry. A person can have a choice between something classic, exquisite and handmade that does more than tell you the time, or something a little more technological. Whatever the case may be one thing is certain.
Once Men’s wrist watches are paired with the perfect outfit, you’ll not only be able to impress your colleagues but also look good wearing it.

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